swithching to vim completely...

After some unsuccessful attempts to make Emacs my "editor of choice" I've decided completely go for vim + gnu global.


September, 1

There is important day here in Russia (and I suspect for all other countries).

This day, all children who became 7 or 6 years old goes to school to their first class.

Also it is first day of Autumn, which means that Summer is over :-). 

I’m alive but quite busy…

Well, it not good enough not to updating own blog periodically. Will start it shortly. Sorry for delay.


boost 1.39.0 is out...

Actually, not big news, since it was planned as per schedule :-)


The Safe C Library

DDJ announced safe C library (as per TR 24731) implementation availability on SourceForge.



mike tyson's fights on espn classic channel

Well it is a pleasure to see Mike's best fights on TV.

Honestly, I wasn't see them all when I was younger.
From the beginning to the knockout.

Thanks to ESPN for that retrospective.


weekend and rain

There are raining here in California...

Bad time for trips and good time for books and coding.



Business trip to California

Well, I now in San Jose, California, USA for couple of month.

Trying to figure out how we could improve software product for our new customer.

I wish to note that it is my first visit to legendary Silicon Vally.

- SN